Woodbridge Gains through El Modena Loss

Woodbridge High’s football team keeps hope for the season in the face of El Modena High defeat


Taylor Lee

Woodbridge High’s football team continue their play during the second quarter

 In a frenzied game of launching passes and adamant tackles, the Warriors played against El Modena High on Aug. 30. The Warriors accepted a defeat of 10-31, but refuse to lose hope in their future prospects. 

“Against such a great football team, we came out in the first quarter and scored first against El Modena,” senior and left guard/defensive end Ricky Liu said. “The biggest takeaway [from the game] was our potential.”

The first quarter of the game ended with a score of 7-6– the Warriors opened the game strong. With eight minutes left in the game, junior Carry Rainey successfully caught a long pass from senior Tate Smith, and the ball now on El Modena’s 2-yard line.

One minute after the pass, senior Max Tipple earned the Warriors their first touchdown. Senior Jakob Trestik garnered the team another point with a successful kick after the touchdown, leading the way with 7-0 before El Modena secured six points with a touchdown. 

Into the second quarter, El Modena landed another touchdown, leading the way by five points. Trestik kicked a 19-yard field goal, securing the Warriors with another three points.

Despite the initial lead, the Warriors were unable to acquire any more points, ending the game with 10 points to their name.  

The Woodbridge High Warriors hold a 0-2 record, whereas El Modena High Vanguards hold a 2-0 record. Despite the losses, the Warriors handled the situation with thoughtfulness and hope for the rest of the season.

“I had mixed emotions about the loss… I had to move on and focus on the next game because of our matchups against the next team were not going to be any easier,” said Liu. “We will continue to work and clean up our mistakes so we can fully call ourselves Warriors.”


The next football game will be held against Fountain Valley High on Sept. 5.