Track and field proves to be a group effort


Photo courtesy of Hannah Heising

Senior Hannah Heising runs toward the finish line.

Noelle Roys, Web Editor-in-Chief

At league finals on May 9, boys varsity remained undefeated while the girls team maintained high spirits despite losing to Northwood High.

With 22 runners headed to CIF this season, several top athletes stated that each person could not have reached his or her goal without the support of the tight knit team.

Senior Hannah Heising is no stranger to setting records. Heising has been selected to move onto CIF finals since her freshman year and set a school record of 44.65 for the 300 meter hurdles at the 2014 Pasadena Games Invitational.

“When I step on to the track, I feel like all my problems go away, and it’s nothing but me and the track,” Heising said.

However, she credits her team and dedicated coach for getting her to the finish line. Heising stated that experiencing the glory that comes with winning and the disappointment that accompanies losing has brought the track team close together.

“The track team is special because we all are working for the same thing, even though track is sort of an individual sport,” Heising said. “Finishing a race is the best feeling in the world no matter what place you’re in because you know how hard you’ve worked for that moment.”

Junior Scott Patton is one of 22 runners heading to CIF. He stated that the boys’ greatest accomplishments this season are becoming a top-ranked team in relays, and having runners in the top ten for their individual races.

“The team’s ultimate goal is to win the CIF Southern Section title for boys and hopefully take our relays to state,” Patton said.

He said he believes the team differs from its competitors because of the strong bond between team members.

“This track team is special because there is a strong group of seniors that have dedicated four years to the program and have made it a family instead of just a team,” Patton said.