Political Issues – They Will Never Go Too Far

While political debates are polarizing, they play an important role in a country’s political and social progress


Alyssa Barrios

Political conversations are crucial for a healthy democracy and progressing through the society.

Political conversations in America have been going on for centuries now, and it is what our country thrives off of. People form their opinions, talk about them, publish them and it creates a virtual conversation between citizens. People sit in classrooms and debate about issues that involve events in the United States of America every day, and usually, someone learns something new. Unfortunately, when asked about the presidential debates and the debate about issues between people in America, many students at Woodbridge High did not know what to say about the subject. This tells us that educating ourselves on political issues is highly important, and is essential for students to learn to be informed citizens of society. 

But what if I told you that not everyone felt as if they had a voice in political conversations? If people are not involved, then, there would be no conversations, and we would get nowhere in making political changes. The dispute of political issues in America stems from people having different ideas about how the country should be run, which is essential for a successfully evolving country. The political debates will only go too far when not everyone is free to say what they want to say about political issues. The only problem lies in the fact that people are lead to believe that they do not have a voice. This supposed thought is an absolute failure in the political debate. 

For example, American political issues involve a lot of gun violence in places of worship, parties, schools, and every imaginable place. This is not an issue that leads to gun violence, this is gun violence, and it needs to be stopped, so has the debate gone too far on that? Teens all across America have protested about it countless times, and not enough has happened, which means that more students and adults need to educate themselves, and take a stance about gun violence. The conversation should never stop because if it does, it will eventually compel the government to have stricter gun control laws. America is all about its people, and if its people want something changed, they will get it done. They will debate, and they will talk, and they will make it happen. 

“It’s important to talk…raise awareness…so we can make change. The more conversation…the more people become passionate about the issue,” sophomore Elysa Arragon said. 

 It is important to talk about controversial topics in order to find solutions and educate others. In this way, everyone’s voices truly do matter and count in the wider debate around all of America.