Eighties Starter Pack

Taking a look at eighties trends that have made their retro revival.


Perhaps one of the most iconic and influential accessories, scrunchies have taken over the lives of almost every individual ranging from pre-teen to adults across all borders and backgrounds. With its simplicity and the dual purpose of both a fashion statement and functional hair tie, the scrunchie has made a bold comeback.

Statement Belt

From Madonna to Mariah, chunky statement belts ruled the 80’s. Adding a fashionable flair, belts served both stylistic and functional use that rocked the hallways of high schools all around the world.


An ‘80s outfit wouldn’t be complete without a pair of colorful converse, double points if they are high tops. Characters from influential movies like “The Outsiders” and “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” set the scene for these trendy and casual shoes.

Colorful Windbreaker 

Bright and flashy, the trend of colorful windbreakers inhabited the closets of thousands of teens in the ‘80s following the influence of various icons including Marty McFly, Wham! and Bowie. For an animated and electrifying pop of color, a windbreaker is an effortless choice to throw on on your way out the door.