Head to Head: Prom is worth it

Darius Chriss , Staff Writer

There are certain events in life you will spend an excessive amount of money on—your wedding and prom. What do these two things have in common?  They only happen once.

Depending on if you are a junior or senior, this may be your last dance of the year or of your entire high school career. Specifically, if you are a senior, this is the last chance for you and your best friends to look your best and enjoy an amazing night of dancing.  You may argue that prom is too expensive or it is just like other dances; however, the feeling and memories created at prom are like nothing else you will ever experience. Hollywood directors even made a Disney movie about it called “Prom,” so it has to be important.

First of all, during other dances, boys usually wear suits and ties, while girls usually wear short dresses. For prom, girls wear elegant dresses and boys wear classy tuxedos.  In other words, what you wear at prom is a lot nicer than what you wear at other dances. The actual dance is nicer, too. We only have four major dances, two of which are in the gym.   Prom is the only dance all year that is located in a nice area with a great view. And unlike formal, you get dressed up to actually go inside and dance rather than just go on rides the entire time.

Secondly, this is the dance that everybody has heard about. Our parents and our grandparents went to or have heard of prom because it is an American tradition that has been around for a very long time. This tradition is so rich because of what it represents. It is a celebration for the seniors and everything that they have accomplished during their high school careers. As for the juniors, prom is an early introduction to becoming seniors in fall and being the oldest ones on campus. That is why this dance is mostly for upperclassmen, because it is their big night that they share together.

Prom may seem like an easy way to go broke before summer; however, every dollar you spend is reimbursed with a memory that you will have forever.