Head to Head: Prom is overrated

Noelle Roys, Web Editor-in-Chief

Prom—it is the most significant event of your high school career, obviously. Do not dare to think about missing out on a life-changing night of awkward mingling with people you hardly know, dealing with drama and paying hundreds of dollars for apparel you will never wear again. Most importantly, know that all of your peers will remember your absence and judge you for the rest of your life if you miss out on this night.

Okay, none of that is true. In fact, I guarantee that you will be one hundred times happier if you stay behind and hang out with a couple of close, like-minded friends on prom night. Honestly, prom is awkward and totally not magical like it is always portrayed to be.

Spending weeks preparing for a single night is exhausting, expensive and not worth your time. According to The Denver Post, the average cost of prom is $1,078, which is a very large amount to spend on a single night’s worth of memories. What if it does not live up to your expectations? What if something goes terribly wrong?

Maybe I’m just biased because I cannot dance for my life, but I could think of about ten things I would rather be doing.

Ultimately, you do not need to attend prom to complete your “high school experience.” Spend time with real friends and do things that genuinely appeal to you. Excuse me for getting sentimental here, but in the end, you will remember spontaneous outings and moments that do not cost a fortune to create much more.