Woodbridge’s Haunted Homecoming

The Woodbridge varsity football team prepares Warriors for the annual Homecoming


Photo by Taylor Lee

The cheerleaders present the Haunted Homecoming Football sign for all to see.

There was one day left before Woodbridge’s haunted homecoming and the excitement was building up. Woodbridge High’s varsity team faced Beckman High at Woodbridge’s home field. Ultimately, Woodbridge did not win this seasons homecoming game with the final score being 13-21, but it failed to destroy Warrior spirit.
“There are a lot of alumni present at the game. I’ve had 20 reach out to me and it’s neat because you got people that wore the same jersey and did the same activities,” coach Rick Gibson said.
During the first quarter, the game starts off slow with no scores being made until later in the quarter. With three minutes left in the first quarter, Beckman High makes a touchdown leading to a field goal, putting them in the lead with 7-0. However, the Warriors refused to let this break their morale and continued to cheer on their varsity team.
“The best part of playing during the homecoming game is how packed the stands get and playing with the boys,” senior Tate Smith said.
The Warriors scored a touchdown and a field goal kick 40 seconds left into the second-quarter,which finally put Woodbridge onto the scoreboard.
Different grade levels with their respective spooky class theme performed during half-time. The Freaky Freshmen performed first then came the Supernatural Sophomores, followed by the Joker Juniors, leading to the Scary Seniors. After each class performed their practiced homecoming skit, the Homecoming court lined up in front of the field. After each candidate made their way to the field the announcer presented this year’s king and queen, seniors Hannah Cooper and Hunter Allred.
“Homecoming games are by far my favorite game of the season due to the energy change in the crowd and our football team, everyone seems like they are more encouraged and motivated,” sophomore Megan Alonzo said.
Third-quarter started off with Woodbridge making a complete pass 40 yards. Later in the third-quarter, Woodbridge maked a 44-yard touchdown, junior Carry Rainey put the team up with 13 points. Beckman High ended up winning this years homecoming game with the score 13-21. Although Woodbridge did not win the Warriors continued to cheer on their team.