Sports Clubs on Campus

Unique sports clubs show their endurance away from the traditional sports on campus


Photo by Maddy Cornelio

Junior and badminton player Julia Yuan prepares to serve the badminton shuttlecock.

Badminton Players Club

Junior Julia Yuan started the Badminton Players club to encourage more students to join the badminton community.

“My initiative in making this club is to promote that badminton is not just for a certain group of people, but [for everyone],” Yuan said.

In this club, members have the advantage to be provided with the big gym to play badminton.

“By creating this club, we have the chance to [use the gym] to play badminton because it’s hard to find a good environment to play badminton,” vice president Ding Lou said.

Additionally, as students themselves, Yuan and Lou understand the stressful high school life that many fellow students face, so Badminton Players club wanted to build a place for students to relieve academic stress and join a welcoming community on campus.

“High school [can] be harsh at times… and I think lunch is a pretty good time [to have a meeting] because I want to have people to stay away from the academic [stress] and enjoy their [social and athletic] life,” Yuan said.

Yuan is always looking forward to have more people join the club, and is ultimately excited to not only meet new students on campus but make fun memories that will last a long time.


Taekwondo Club

Senior Yujin Choi started taekwondo at a young age and grew to love the sport. Choi created the Taekwondo Club to teach students how to defend themselves and expose them to different activities.

“It’s a unique sport, and I wanted to make this club to show the school that there are different types of sports they can take that isn’t for credit,” Choi said.

At every club meeting, members practice kicking targets and compete in small competitions amongst themselves to win candy.

Not only does Choi want to create a fun place for students to discover new Taekwondo skills, but also hopes to encourage her members to build confidence and strength in their daily lives.

“I want [the members] to have a lot of confidence and not be scared to defend themselves when they have to,” Choi said.

Many club members, such as freshman Marcus Chang, have a great experience spending time meeting new people and practicing Taekwondo techniques and skills in these weekly meetings.

“I feel comfortable here, and it’s fun to experience [every meeting] with people who haven’t done [Taekwondo] before,” Chang said.

In the near future, Choi plans on entering the annual Air Guitar competition to showcase the club’s Taekwondo skills to the Woodbridge community.


King Pong Club

Freshman Jay Martin enjoys playing table tennis. At the beginning of this year, he wanted to create a place to share exciting experiences and learn new table tennis techniques from other students on campus. This led him to start the King Pong club.

“I get to talk to new people and… see other people’s techniques. [Overall], ping pong is really fun,” Martin said.

In the after school meetings at S7, the club provides students with a table tennis table, paddles, and balls. Members have the chance to play table tennis with other students, learn new tricks from each other and brush up on their skills.

“I wanted to have something fun to do after school with my friends, and [I joined the club] because I really like ping pong,” freshman Alberto Neira said.


Badminton Club

Berry Tran, junior and president of the badminton club, started playing badminton in fourth grade and enjoyed the sport ever since. Since she has a love for the sport, she wanted to create a place where she could showcase her passion for badminton and motivate others to play as well.

Tran also believes that badminton is a simple sport that is easy for anyone to play because it is more about strategy rather than physical strength.

“For badminton, you don’t need a lot of skill to be able to play well. It’s very versatile. You can easily excel and control your pace in the game,” Tran said. Club members meet in the big gym during lunch, play badminton with their friends and meet new people during club meetings.

“[The club] is a great place to be with my friends. You can connect with different people who are like you in different ways, and it’s very diverse,” junior and club member Laya Pullela said.

Tran plans on participating in competitions in the future, but in the meantime, she wants to focus on promoting and building the club.

Photo by Maddy Cornelio