Trendy Instagrammable Locations

Must-visit places for trendy and aesthetic Instagram pictures


Leisa Komyo

This location at Camp Mall is one of many aesthetic places in Orange County to post on Instagram.

The Lost Bean Organic Coffee and Tea

The Lost Bean cafe houses a quiet and homey environment for students to study or get their work done. Currently, there are five locations, but the most Instagram-worthy location is situated in Costa Mesa. All locations are near schools or offices in order to create easy accessibility for students and workers. As the largest out of all locations, The Lost Bean at Costa Mesa serves delicious drinks with filling dishes that could be eaten outside on their patio area filled with more seating and each table shaded with a parasol for a modern Instagram picture. However, the inside area is just as relaxing as the outside. With plentiful seating, the inside has a very warm atmosphere with the quietness of people working and soft music playing in the background. Starting Feb. 1 until April 30 their seasonal spring menu “Lost in Bloom” is available. It includes drinks such as Rose Sweet Cream Iced Coffee, Honey Flower Latte and Lavender Matcha Lemonade. 


The LAB Anti-Mall

The LAB Anti-Mall is an avant-garde shopping mall and eatery. Located in Costa Mesa, the mall has a very eye-capturing design and houses popular teen stores such as Urban Outfitters and Honey & Butter Macarons. After sunset, the mall comes alive with bright fairy lights that drip over the entrance upon walking into the mall and the bustling dinnertime crowd rushing in. In the center of the mall, there is a lifesize cage where people write messages to share with others on a tag that is tied to it. A picture can be taken inside the enclosure as the tags fluttering in the breeze make an ideal Instagram photo. A popular place to take pictures is towards the end of the mall in a passage filled with CDs. The reflection of the CDs provides good lighting and a vintage aesthetic for Instagram pictures. With colorful walls and a unique layout, the LAB Anti-Mall is one of the must-visit places for Instagram pictures. 


The Camp Mall

Situated right across the street from the LAB Anti-Mall in Costa Mesa, The Camp is an outdoor mall with a bohemian mood and panoramic view. Encompassing the mall are picturesque sculptures and objects such as hanging bird nests from trees that are not seen anywhere else. Most stores at the mall are contemporary eateries fitting for Instagram food trends such as Black Market Bakery, Old Vine Cafe, Milk & Honey, Vitaly and Umami Burger. When looked at from afar, the mall has an unspoiled look with the cleanliness and lively feel of the mall. The Camp has an organic atmosphere with rustic trailers surrounding the entire mall and plants galore. Recommended places to take photos are at the seating areas near the water fountain, rocking chairs and hammock. The Camp Mall is a not-to-be-missed Instagram location. 


Noguchi Gardens

Noguchi Gardens is an outdoor sculpture garden area created by artist Isamu Noguchi. Visitors enjoy the compact and abstract look of the garden. As a popular travelling place for sight-seers, Noguchi Gardens is regarded as the representation of the state of California. Each sculpture in the garden represents the geographical characteristics of California by incorporating the use of indigenous plants and materials. Located in Costa Mesa, Noguchi Gardens is situated around other trendy places for leisure activities such as South Coast Plaza and Segerstrom Center for the Arts. Open daily from 8 a.m. until 12 a.m., Noguchi Gardens is an ideal Instagrammable location for a minimalist picture.