Color guard dazzles in ‘Velocity’


Photo courtesy of Toni Ravelli

Color guard performed its production entitled ‘Velocity’ on June 3 and 4.

Regina Zeng, Staff Writer

While other students were busy preparing for prom the night before, the color guard team was dazzling its audience at the annual spring color guard production, titled “Velocity.” The show took place in the school’s theater at 7 p.m. on May 30.

“The spring production is our final production of the year, and what’s special about the spring production is that all of the members have an opportunity to design their own show,” English department chair and color guard coach Christine Haley said. “So, they can pick their music, they design their costumes and makeup, they write their own choreography, and then we showcase them all in one place.”

The team spent the past three months preparing for this show and rehearsed in the theater for a week to ensure that the lighting matched the choreography.

“The show gives us an opportunity to perform under lights, which is more difficult than the white light we usually perform under in the gym, but it’s always really fun to try and coordinate lighting systems,” senior and color guard member Brooke Wallace said.

Theater lighting is not as bright as the lights in the gym, making it more challenging for the team to perform.

The theater was almost packed as many friends and family members attended the production. Senior Ashley Doberstein and junior Jenny Greenberg were two students who watched the performance.

“The color guard show was amazing and so fun,” Doberstein said. “The best part of the show was that there were so many different styles and everyone put their hearts into every dance.”

“I thought the show was very good and entertaining, and it was fun seeing what everyone has accomplished this year,” Greenberg said. “I decided to go because I wanted to see my sister and friends perform, and I wanted to support the program.”

Ticket sales from the show go towards fundraising for the color guard team and its yearly expenses, which include hiring staff members, buying costumes and paying for competition costs.