Boys Lacrosse vs. Girls Lacrosse

While boys and girls play the same sport of lacrosse, there are differences in the rules for each gender


Photo by Taylor Lee

When watching boys’ and girls’ lacrosse, both games seem very similar. However, there are actually many differences in the rules of the game, the strategies and the equipment.

“Guys Lacrosse is more contact, you can hit people pretty much anyway you want, it’s the same general concept but it’s a lot more physical.” senior and boys’ varsity lacrosse captain Harry Callister said.

Senior and girls’ varsity lacrosse captain Anna Haley shared that there are certain roles in the game, such as the attackers, defenders and the goalie.

“There is offside and there is the shooting space,and a bunch of different rules.” Haley said.

Besides the differences between the rules of the games. There are also differences in the equipment, the boys wear more protection than the girls.

“We have a lot more protection, we have to wear gloves, and stuff on our arms and chest.” Callister said.

English teacher Grant Davis coaches the girls’ lacrosse team, and notices the difference between both genders.

“Everything from equipment, boys wear pats helmets,they have a different stick with a different pocket in it, which allows the ball to accelerate more, the contact rules are completely different between the two sports, they are really different things, I mean they have a ball and a net, and a lacrosse stick, but beyond that they are quite different.”

With the lacrosse season starting, the boys and girls lacrosse team is preparing for games to come.

“One of the main strengths of our team is experience, we have a lot of girls that have been playing together, and they have been in varsity lacrosse for quite some time,” Davis said.

Working as a coach gives someone the opportunity to get an attachment with the team and help bring out the best of the athletes’ athletic abilities.

“I love working with the girls,” Davis said. “I have been the head girls lacrosse coach here since we started the program, 13 years ago.”