Climate Change Around Us: If You’re Still Skeptical, Read This

Extreme weather caused by climate change has rocked every corner of the Earth in 2020 from hurricanes to fires to ice blasts.

Climate-related disasters have occurred globally over the past 181 years, affecting virtually all of Earthly life. “Breaking news.” “Unprecedented.” “New normal.” Those common phrases of last year define our new reality.

In 2020, there were record 30 hurricanes, five of the worst fires in California history, tornadoes in Texas, ice blasts in the Heartland, and 100 degree heat one day and then immediate snow, in Colorado.

Climate change, in the words of NASA, “is a change in the usual weather [and]… in Earth’s climate.”

“…[W]e are definitely experiencing a climate change and I’m concerned about [its] impact… for all life. We’re seeing major changes… across the world… [Since] everything is connected…that’s going to potentially snowball into a major problem… [D]ue to increased greenhouse gases,…the climate increas[es], in regards to the temperature. So as the Earth warms we’re [going to] see that we’ll have more extreme weather events,” science teacher Tracy Walla said.

The Silverado Fire impacted Freshman Joey Fang.

“I, personally, was not evacuated, but I… had friends that… [went] away, in a hotel… I went to their houses and there… [were]…burnt trees and it smelled like fire still,” Fang said.

The damage of the unprecedented weather surge is evident, but the debate rages on, regarding climate change’s validity, particularly around if it’s to blame. Despite controversy, it is a fact that if we consume less, that will influence positive environmental outcomes.

“So when I hear scientists say, ‘We have to act now’, I feel… fifty-fifty. I feel hope, but I also feel… sadness. I don’t feel hopeless because there [are] people caring about the environment, and they’re [working] for a change…,” Freshman Nathaniel Cho said.

People are beginning to recognize nature’s transformations and every human ultimately believes in a brighter, cleaner, safer future. Thus, everyone must pitch in to change their mindset and habits. It is a hope that every human miracle for the rest of time, has a shot at experiencing the Earth’s undeniable beauty.
Remember what Ed Markey said, “Although children are only 24 percent of the population, they’re 100 percent of our future.”