The Creative Side of Social Media

Students turn their creative art and music pieces into social media accounts to gain inspiration and knowledge for themselves


Maddy Cornelio

Senior Anika Parekh hopes to improve her art skills as well as increase her following on Instagram and TikTok.

Anika Parekh (@anipaints)

Senior Anika Parekh has been doing studio art in many different forms such as oil pastel and paints as a student. Since she has become more comfortable with her artistic skills in high school, Parekh decided to create an Instagram and TikTok account as a way to not only post her art work on there, but to keep herself motivated and to continue improving her art techniques.  

I am constantly making art, many of the pieces I create are pretty mediocre and I don’t genuinely like the work. Hence I tend to post works that fit within my style and often have created a sense of accomplishment after I finish it,” Parekh said. 

The senior hopes to continue her postings on her platforms and sell her art work and take commissions if anyone wants. Viewers or interested customers can find acrylic artwork and sketches on her page. 


Mahi Thakkar (@artypie_ )

Sophomore Mahi Thakkar enjoys art as a hobby and plans to continue to post art on her Instagram account. (Maddy Cornelio)

As an artist, sophomore Mahi Thakkar didn’t really consider posting her creations on social media till her friend convinced her to. She posts her color pencil, pen and pencil sketches with a wide variety of art mediums used in her work.

“I don’t have a specific medium, I like to try and learn new techniques and ways, I don’t like to stick with the same technique,” said Thakkar.

Thakkar takes inspiration from other artists and their styles. Often, it inspires her to experiment with the new mediums. The sophomore hopes to get more followers on her Instagram page so that she can start moving onto other social media platforms in the future. In the meantime, she plans on posting whatever she feels comfortable with and enjoys showing her visuals to others online. 

Joshua Koblin (@joshkobshoots)

Senior Joshua Koblin is constantly improving his photography skills and displays them on his Instagram account for his followers. (Maddy Cornelio)

Starting off as a photographer who takes photos for fun to doing paid shoots, senior Joshua Koblin created an Instagram account to post his photographs where he shoots landscapes, people and objects. Recently, Koblin has been testing out his photography skills with film cameras. When he used to use digital cameras, the textures, exposure latitude and colors can’t be replicated. 

“My goal for this account is [to] just post what I want since that’s when my photography is [at its] best,” said Koblin

Koblin has no specific posting plan or schedule he just goes with whatever he feels best with. He continues doing what he loves doing, snapping away with what he feels comfortable with.

Andrew Shalaby (@Andrew_Shalaby)

Senior Andrew Shalaby hopes to be able to share his passion for music with his audience on TikTok. (Maddy Cornelio)

Senior and vocal artist Andrew Shalaby first started his TikTok account to post his singing videos as a way to share his love and passion for music with people online. The account became a way for Shalaby to track his vocals over time to see how he has progressively improved with his singing. After posting a couple of videos of Shalaby singing, three of his videos increased in popularity with positive comments of people enjoying his work.  

“I was honestly really happy people liked what I posted, It also really encouraged me to pursue what I love and also helped me grow a lot, it was a super positive experience overall,” said Shalaby.

By the end of this year, he is hoping to gain ten thousand followers on TikTok, but in the meantime, he will continue to grow and learn from his peers online while enjoying new people who also sing.