WHS Senior Survey

Woodbridge High seniors take a survey to reflect on the past four years of high school

Senior Poll

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IVA or Hybrid: 83.1% – Hybrid, 16.9% – IVA

Is a hot dog a sandwich: 36.7% – Yes, 63.3% – No

Pancake or Waffles: 54.5% – Pancakes, 45.5% – Waffles

Best Marvel Movie: 31.6% – Avengers: Endgame, 19.7% – Spider-Man: Homecoming, 14.5%. – Black Panther, 11.8% – Other, 10.5% – Guardians of the Galaxy, 6.6% – Iron Man, 5.3% – Captain America: Civil War

What meme represents your senior year?

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Mizuki Katayama: “This is fine.”

Kaitlyn McWalters: “Kermit wrapped in a blanket.”

Kai Kotake: “Mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell.”

What is your best excuse for being late?

Ben Kramer: “I was stuck behind a Prius.”

Jake Morgan: “Ms. B kept us in late.”

Neel Takale: “I got hit by a car.”

What items were in your senior survival kit?

Kevin Shao: “All [I] need are snacks.”

Tom Baker: “Car keys, floaties, laptop, pen, snacks.”

Audrey Ko: “Spotify, my friends, my car, Twice, bagels.”

Funniest moment in class?

Kristen Hagihara: “When KJ called his grandma in Mr. LePage’s class in my sophomore year.”

Haylee Sevy: “Mr. Brucker got kicked off of the class Zoom call four classes in a row. During the last time, my cohort decided to have a spontaneous talent show.”

Anjo Vicencio: “I was in Zoom and I said ‘I hope (this teacher) doesn’t pick on me’ unmuted.”

Describe your high school experience in five words or less.

Gerald Hill: “Alright, never doing that again.”

Matthew Lin: “Wait, I don’t get it.”

Athan Liu: “Freshman, sophomore, junio-COVID, COVID.”

Best song of 2020-2021?

Caleb Lee: “Any song” by ZICO

Mihaela Gogu: “dreamy night” by LilyPichu

Amelie Gerber: “Stargazing” by The Neighbourhood

What new hobbies did you pick during stay-at-home orders?

Eric De Haas: “I finally bought myself a foreign-language book and tried studying Spanish. I absolutely failed at it, but I finally got around to doing it.”

Serena Liu: “Excessive sleeping.”

Cagan Yildiz: “I used to always have some sort of interest in poetry, but I took that interest a bit too far and ended up writing poetry book and lyrics.”

Favorite high school memory?

Miyoko Wright: “Conducting my class at fine arts day for choir.”

Allison Chiang: “Winning 4th place at the NASEF Overwatch eSports championships after the qualifier teams we were facing both got disqualified. Luck is a skill!”

Margaret Chang: “Winning CIF with the tennis team.”