Students Visit Public Art To Relax And Conclude Finals Week

COVID-19 friendly places in Orange County to visit to de-stress after finals


Leisa Komyo

Brown’s Park is the perfect location to destress and take beautiful sunset pictures.

Brown’s Park

Brown’s Park is located in downtown Laguna Beach between the Village shops and the beach. The park itself is very small as it only contains a walkway terrace above the beach. At the end of the walkway, there are fence rails which reads a poem made out of stained glass titled “Sight and Sound.” It offers visitors a scenic view anytime of the day, especially during sunrise and sunset. Throughout the coastline of the beach, trendy and Instagram-ready sculptures and murals are visibly seen everywhere, including the famous “Wyland Whaling Whale.” Brown’s Park is open to the public everyday. The Cliff Restaurant is situated next to the park, and makes for a great place to eat. The fresh sea breeze clears your mind as you overlook the picturesque Laguna Beach. Brown’s Park is a must-go place to refresh and calm your mental health after finals. 

Heisler’s Park

Heisler’s Park has a variety of interesting statues and art installations (Leisa Komyo)

Heisler’s Park, also located in Laguna Beach, is just a few minutes from Brown’s Park. Heisler’s Park is bigger than Brown’s Park and it has many abstract sculptures, including the “Breaching Whale,” which is situated near the entrance of the park. The park’s grassy lawn makes for an ideal picnic spot near the beach. There are many different components embedded within the park such as a memorial monument for veterans, barbeque areas and a tide pool for swimming. The gazebos are the best spot to overlook the entire beach and relax. Just across the street is the trendy Urth Caffé which is a good stop for coffee and breakfast. Pets are allowed at this park and are seen near the grass area which adds to the relaxing experience. The staircases leading to the beach are another place for an aesthetic Instagram picture. The park welcomes hundreds of visitors everyday. The eye-catching sunsets, soothing sea water smell and noises of the waves crashing allows you to completely de-stress from tests and get ready to start the new semester. 

Newport Civic Center 

Leisa Komyo

The Newport Civic Center is located in Newport Beach near Roger’s Gardens. It houses a community center and a sculpture garden outside. One of the sculptures features fourteen bunnies gathered in a circle and other eight-foot-tall bunnies are also hidden in the park. The sculpture exhibition is also known as the White Bunny Park, named after these white bunnies surrounding the park, strikingly reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland. The bunnies are called the “Bunny Henge” sculpture because of their Stonehengian aesthetic. The sculpture garden is shaped into a trail with sculptures all alongside the walkways for viewing pleasure. This is a must-visit place as some sculptures are only on display for two years; fortunately, for us, the park is open every day at any time. However, it is recommended to visit during the daytime when the sculptures are more visible as many of the sculptures do not have good lighting. Parking in the center is free and convenient. The blue bridges that connect the trails bring a pop of color to the garden and are a perfect place to take pictures. Visit the unmissable Newport Civic Center to take time off and as a relaxing leisure activity to conclude finals week.