Gunning down the support of guns in schools

Brittany Chang, Director of Photography

In an effort to combat school shootings, Arkansas’ Clarksville School District and Texas’ Harrold Independent School District have created and used laws to allow teachers to carry guns at school, according to Ark Times and Fox News, respectively. However, is combating school gun violence with more gun violence logical?

Coming to school, students expect a safe environment where they feel protected from the harms of the “outside world.” However, permitting teachers to carry firearms would create a tense environment, an atmosphere in which no student would be willing to study. Students would go to school in fear of their surroundings, and putting guns around students can give a psychotic teenager a way to start school shootings even easier than before since many student shooters.

While some may say it is a step towards preventing mass school shootings, many teachers are not trained to handle lethal firearms (unless they undergo the mandatory 53 hours of training, according to NYPost), especially under extreme pressure when the lives of their students are at high risk. They are trained to educate the youth of America, not fire guns. If anything, the security guards at schools should be the only ones possessing guns because they are actually trained to do so.

64% of people favor having more armed security guards in school, according to Pew Research Center. The government needs to start taking serious action by enforcing stricter gun laws instead of allowing more people to carry around guns in public places. Teachers especially should not be allowed to carry guns around campus because fighting fire with fire will not stop the flames from igniting.