Playstation Rivals Xbox


Illustration by Lena An

The debate between Xbox and Playstation is often blow-for-blow, like a boxing match.

In the world of video games where there’s always competition to create a better game system than all the rest, there’s always the question of whether Playstation or Xbox is better. As a gamer, you want the best graphics and games to play on your system with fast loading times spawning into online games with others across the world. Sony tends to be one step higher than Microsoft because it releases systems with faster processing graphics that are more beneficial in online games such as Call of Duty, Fifa or Rainbow  that reach your desired expectations.

The [Playstation 5] screams newness from its sultry logos and 4K HDR user interface, to its new home screen with game ‘cards’ that fill your screen and speakers when highlighted. It’s a fresh, super-stylish presentation but familiar enough to ensure that existing PS4 gamers will quickly find their way about.” website What Hi-Fi said.

 Playstation has updated their systems and their gaming controllers with advancements that allow easy accessibility to high quality features that meet their gamers needs compared to Xbox systems staying the same since their first launch of  Xbox.

“It’s more of like the features and characteristics that Playstation brings like their quality and Fps (Frames per second) that they have. Like I just think it’s a lot better, many can say that the PS5, the new model, changed the graphics cards, changed the quality and I still think it’s pretty good for the price.” sophomore Christian Yu said. 

 Sony has been able to create a controller with the typical features of a home bottom, left and right knobs, four buttons on each side of the controller and the two back buttons on both sides. With their recent past two launches within the past eight years, they’ve included a D-Pad that can be used as a touch surface to play certain games, a screenshot button and a scenery feature to the controller that allows players to feel the movement that is happening in the game in the palm of their hands.  

“The quality and every time someone brings up Xbox, I’m kinda disgusted cause everyone wants to play Playstation. I enjoy playing on the Playstation much more compared to the Xbox. Everytime Xbox upgrades, they barely change anything, maybe just the color or put it in a box while Playstation has a wide variety of choices.” sophomore Eli Cullen said.

 Xbox may not have a majority of Playstation features, but they do have more storage in their systems and a bit smaller look towards their box looking consoles.

Both counseles are the same price for $499 currently for their newer versions. Only difference is, Playstation is capable of giving you many more features compared to what Xbox has ever done in the past.

 Sony and Microsoft have video games that are able to work on both systems, yet certain games like Spiderman Miles Morales (from Marvel Studios), and Uncharted,an adventurous treasure looking game, are games that only you can play on Playstation.

So if you’re debating which system company to buy from, whether it’s the newest models of these consoles or the oldest, Playstation meets all the wants for what you prefer the most for playing multiplayer or campaign based games.