Chinese Zodiac Signs

Chinese Zodiacs are an important part of Chinese culture and in predicting the year’s

In Chinese culture, there is an old tale that talks about the creation of the Chinese Zodiac signs. The tale is known as the Great Race where 12 different animals race against each other to become the different zodiac signs. On his birthday, the Jade Emperor created this race as a way to see who would be his guards first. According to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), “As a reward for turning up, the Emperor named a year in the zodiac after each one, while the race would determine the order each animal would be placed.” The race determined the order of which the animals became guards which now, is the order of everyone’s zodiac signs with their birthdays and dates. Each animal has different characteristics that correspond to each zodiac sign. Depending on which year one is born in, you are given a zodiac sign.

2020, the Year of the Rat, became a year known to be remembered by many due to Covid-19 and the lockdown it caused globally. According to WVLT-tv, “Rats are quick-witted, resourceful and smart but lack courage. With rich imaginations and sharp observations, they can take advantage of various opportunities well.” Even though many events occurred that year, there were some good things throughout. The Covid-19 cases decreased the fall and schools opened up again with a hybrid schedule. Black Lives Matter, a movement to fight for the people of color, turned into a global protest to speak out about equal rights. As bad as 2020 turned out to be at the start of the year, it ended a bit better, leading smoothly into 2021.

After a year of being in lockdown and handling the spread of Covid-19, things started to look up in 2021. The vaccine became available to everyone above 17 years old in the spring. Schools went fully back in session and big public events are now open for all to attend. Many things are now fully open such as amusement parks, malls, stores and restaurants. According to China Highlights, “Oxen will have a definite plan with detailed steps, to which they apply their strong faith and physical strength. As a result, people of the Ox zodiac sign often enjoy great success.” With it being the Year of the Ox, associated with strength and fairness, the year was smooth without big surprises.

After two years in the pandemic and a new year beginning, the Year of the Tiger is a year of confidence, determination and unpredictability. According to Karmaweather, “It is a period which draws its strength and growth, despite adversity, from dynamism and enthusiasm.” Starting off the year, there is the Winter Olympics taking place in Beijing starting in February. Things could possibly become much safer to attend and to be out in public with others.