Spring Issue March 2022


Somer Alrai

Seniors Sofia Okuma and Sarah Klem enjoy the fields before starting their work day at Tanaka Farms.

Dear Reader,

As we “March” through the second semester, the winter season thaws and welcomes the beautiful return of spring again. Flowers bloom again, animals come out of hi- bernation and lighter clothing makes its comeback. Students can look forward to the time change with Daylight Saving Day and St. Patrick’s Day, encouraging students to be more “green.”

In this issue, our journalists focus on the theme of being more environmentally friendly and cleaning up after ourselves to help the custodial team keep the campus spotless. Stories such as Cleaning Up on Campus, Sustainable Fashion and Home Gardening cover the school-wide effort in contributing to our environment and living more sustainably.

In addition to the environmental theme, with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic two years ago, we seek to feature our campus leaders’ contributions who have posi- tively impacted our school, specifically the Front Office staff.

Stories like A Day in the Life of a Band Kid, Colorguard and the Ceramics Depart- ment also represent the diverse range of activities students have participated in to enrich their high school experience and to get more involved with our community.

As students power through the dry spell of a few breaks, we would like to finally remind students to relax and prioritize mental health before the stressful season of finals and Advanced Placement tests, as highlighted in our opinion section. Our staff has worked hard these past two months to share this addition that includes different clubs and resources that can inspire students to join new hobbies and interests as stress relievers during these hectic times. We hope you enjoy.

Happy reading!

Leisa Komyo and Natalie Nguyen



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