Golden Arrow

Fall Issue

Dear Readers, 

Irvine, for as long as we can remember, prides itself on its diversity. With the assumption that various perspectives will lead to exemplary behavior towards critical issues such as representation and inclusion, there is a huge wakeup call to the present state of inclusion and cultural respect at Woodbridge High. The Golden Arrow has always been dedicated to accurately representing all groups at Woodbridge High. With the recent focus on intersectionality, we took a step back to reevaluate ourselves and our attempts at inclusivity. Looking at our amazing Woodbridge audience, we see students of all different backgrounds and will continue striving for better and equal representation. 

Thus, the Golden Arrow continues to support not only initiatives such as the IUSD Social Justice Committee and Diversifying Our Narrative to empower and strengthen the voices of marginalized groups. We seek to humanize minority groups and work towards a more equitable future for all.

This issue, the Golden Arrow beseeches readers to clear their minds and embrace the student population with open arms, unaffected by prejudices and prior beliefs. This issue’s In-Depth theme is Diversity and we strongly encourage readers to read with an open mind towards discussed prejudice and stereotypes. The range of our unique and diverse experiences is what make Woodbridge High a unique and inspiring community. 

While larger initiatives spotlight the issue, small actions from Woodbridge students are required to continuously progress. Therefore, it should be noted that though the majority of racist remarks and microaggressions at Woodbridge High are not ill-intended, no aspect that is tied to anyone’s identity should be used as the butt of a joke. Thus, the Golden Arrow seeks to emulate our knowledge of each other’s experiences within our issue and shed new light on mutual understanding. In a joint effort to learn more about each other and other marginalized peoples, Woodbridge High can move forward to a more equitable future. 

Each member of the Woodbridge High community has a unique opportunity to learn and improve each day at school. That is why the Golden Arrow challenges each student to take advantage of this learning environment and learn from previous remarks. Therefore, it is integral that warriors continue to encourage one another in this continuous effort to respect one another’s humanity and identity. 

We hope you and your families stay safe, and wish you all the best. 

Mandy and Corina 



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Fall Issue