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The modern era is filled with the beautiful, the creative, the phenomenal. The sciences are expansive and endless in their applications. With constant technological advancements which enhance our everyday lives, we often lose awareness of the sheer amount of influence modern day science has upon us.

Modernity has only further proven the power and efficacy of science. In “The COVID-19 Vaccine: Here’s What You Should Know,” we acknowledge not only the brilliance of the scientists, but the astonishing prowess of modern science that has adapted to today’s crucial circumstances.

Science isn’t just a textbook, limited to wetlabs and white lab coats. Junior Demi Lei created her own computer program to examine fencing in the sports feature “Demi Lei Takes Her Hobbies to The Next Level.” Shooting to land amongst the stars, several writers and editors explored outer space all within the ground levels of SoCal in our In-Depth section. From extraterrestrial sightings to studying the cosmos, like dreams that seem miles away, all scientific wonders are accomplishable even from home.

The simple fact that technology and social media connects the Golden Arrow to the Woodbridge community and beyond emphasizes the extent to which technology enhances our daily lives. Throughout this past quarter, we compiled this magazine digitally, immortalized it on the internet and now offer it to you. We hope you are able to enjoy the accomplishments our teachers and students make as they explore this season of innovation.

Mandy Yang and Corina Silverstein

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