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Dear Readers,

2020, a year we wish to forget but will remember forever. The past year has taught us that unity and understanding during hard times is not a luxury but a necessity. Our struggles are all unique and deserve to be recognized. As a community, we should seek to better support each other throughout difficult times.

Stuck at home, mental health seemed to take a back seat. Reaching out for necessary help became much more difficult. Special needs programs also faced drastic changes as in-person time became dangerous due to the pandemic.

Face-to-face interactions are an integral part of our social behavior. At home, away from friends, we could only turn to other options for a sense of community and connectivity– so much so that we project relationships and friendships onto content creators and artists.

However, there is a healthier outlet to seek help during these times. Becoming emotionally dependent upon a single person in the midst of a pandemic is not a viable option. One can seek guidance through the unification of friends and loved ones. The Woodbridge community seeks to heal the emotional wounds of 2020 through the cooperation of students and staff members. Continue expressing your worst and greatest days as there is strength in vulnerability in sharing with the community.

Mandy and Corina


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