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Dear Reader,

As we all finally come together after such unprecedented times, the sense of normalcy feels a bit similar to what it once was before. Classes are now transitioning away from hybrid learning. Students are filing into classrooms for in-person instruction. Sports teams are jumping back into competitions and music is performing in front of live audiences. 

The transition from what it was exactly a year ago to now demonstrates the amount of growth and determination our Warrior community has gained. This fall issue focuses on this return to the semi-traditional school year, highlighting the changes regarding the Covid-19 restrictions that Woodbridge High has adopted such as the wearing of masks indoors rule. Along with the changes, we also take a moment to highlight the individuals and organizations on our own campus that exemplify the importance of positivity and foster a sense of unity and school spirit. Some features from our issue include the return of Yell Crew, Jessica Steenhard as a new addition to the English department and the new Makerspace class encouraging students’ creativity through hands-on learning.

Additionally, we recognize that for many students on campus, this year is their first official year of experiencing high school. Although the shift may have been difficult for some, it is important to acknowledge that students should not feel alone. This is a time that we look to students and staff in this issue’s In-Depth theme, Superheroes on Campus, who are mentors and leaders that offer a hand to those who need help.

Regardless of all the changes that we have experienced in the past year, we have proved that our Warrior community has persevered through the hardships and continues to grow stronger together. Through the publication of the Golden Arrow’s first physical issue this school year, we hope to introduce a new normality, celebrate recent milestones and encourage positivity on campus with the goal that Woodbridge High can inch closer to a sense of unity amidst an ongoing pandemic. 

Happy reading!

Leisa Komyo and Natalie Nguyen


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