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Dear Readers,

Time flies by so fast and all of a sudden, our time together this year has come to a close. It’s been hectic and we’ve heard the word “unprecedented” dozens of times by now. As we conclude this incredible year together, it’s high time for reflection and introspection.

May in the school year is to December in the calendar year; it is a period of time when we celebrate the year we’ve finished. We celebrate the accomplishments of our seniors, who will be attending incredible universities across the United States and even the world this fall. We at the Golden Arrow are proud of how far we’ll go; from Keio University in Japan to Irvine Valley College, there is no limit to your achievements.

Warriors have accomplished so much to offset their careers, from singing accomplishments in Woodbridge High Vocalist Crescendos to a Harmony, to the fashion styles they pave for their peers, in Fashion Throughout Our High School Years, to the variety of enrichment courses we will participate in during the summer, detailed under IUSD Gets Ready for 2021 Summer Programs. Warriors will continue to make an imprint to their futures. We are so incredibly proud of all you have accomplished during these tumultuous times and hope that you continue to do so.


Mandy Yang and Corina Silverstein

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