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  • Escaping Under High Pressure

    Escaping Under High Pressure

    Bill Chang, Backpage Editor

    With my senior year quickly coming to an end, I have only begun to realize how little time I have left to be with my friends. When I was invited to beta-test Square Room Escape’s new room, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to invite a few friends I did not get to spend enough time with.   The Anticipation   Luckily, everyone in... READ MORE »»

    My team, Hiba Totakhail, Lillian Wu, Jubilee Pham and Bill Chang celebrating our victory

  • Q&A: Retiring teachers reflect on a lifetime in education
    Teacher Life

    Q&A: Retiring teachers reflect on a lifetime in education

    Lindsay Chong

      Diana Stasand From teaching physical education to advising cheerleaders, Diana Stasand has taught for 30 years. Stasand recalled a fond memory of participating in a pep rally when she dressed up as a student along with other teachers in a role reversal spirit competition. She said she looks forward to continuing to ride her horses and try sky... READ MORE »»

  • The hands behind the lip dub
    School Events

    The hands behind the lip dub

    Avantika Vivek, Editor-in-Chief

    The yearly lip dub has become a vaunted tradition, getting the entire school involved in a spirit-raising video to showcase diversity on campus. The work that goes into the lip dub is not as widely known, but this year’s lip dub aimed to fix that by getting ASB more involved with production. “Every ASB member was in charge of a specific section of the r... READ MORE »»

    Cheerleaders and students chant and show school spirit at the finishing point of the lip dub

Lara Azadian, sophomore

"I've been playing lacrosse for about four years now and I'm very excited on how well our team has been doing this season," sophomore Lara Azadian

May 25, 2016

Thomas Loynd and Gurgen Sahakyan, freshmen

"Dabbing is the essence of math homework," freshmen Thomas Loynd and Gurgen Sahakyan said.

May 25, 2016

Madeline Loudon, Senior

"Mom jeans are always in style," senior Madeline Loudon...  Read More »

Helen Zhao, Sophomore

"I really like the quote 'Get busy living or get busy...  Read More »

Adrian Grey, Senior

"One important thing I learned in the Drama department is that it...  Read More »

Nao Ichikawa, Sophomore

"Doing homework at school is probably the best way ...  Read More »

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Take the road less traveled (and expensive) this summer

Emily Manton, Social Media Director

Over the summer, it is easy to become bored of our familiar surroundings, so many think to spend time on a road trip with friends. However, there are many destinations that...  Read More »

May 25, 2016

A trip down memory lane with Ramon Guzman

Tae Young Chung, Staff Writer

Everyone is familiar with the faces that help run the school, whether they be the principal, assistant principals or administration and counseling. But there are also the somewhat...  Read More »

May 23, 2016

Vocal chemistry by the Science Club

Music, hugs and frozen pizza are the little things tha...  Read More »

For students by students: Irvine YAT

Few clubs are city-wide and prevalent at multiple schoo...  Read More »

DIY: Earthy tissue box holder

As Earth day approaches on April 22, let us make a...  Read More »

And the nominations goes to…Woodbridge High!

On March 4, in front of over 700 people in attendanc...  Read More »

Commitment Pays: Gold Medal in Congressional Awards

After striving for four years towards one goal, ju...  Read More »

Shedding light on the diabetes through speeches

All eyes fixated on the figure who spoke with spirit...  Read More »

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ROP Registration Open

Bill Chang, Backpage Editor

Summer Regional Occupational Program (ROP) classes are about to begin, with the sports medicine internship offered for the time in the summer. Early sign-ups for next year are available now. ROP courses focus on building real skills ne...  Read More »

June 24, 2016

Netflix prices increased

Netflix has raised the prices of their versions wh...  Read More »

Presidential drama plagues Brazil

While America is in the midst of primary elections,...  Read More »

Warriors “Dream” of school unity at the lip dub

With red and yellow being displayed around the scho...  Read More »

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Seeking more opportunities and freedom in college

As public universities in California become increasingly competitive, stude...  Read More »

The cheating scandal of the year

Students were found to have cheated in biology yet again, and after last year...  Read More »

Do you pay the price when you volunteer?

Volunteer work has value that cannot be accounted for in dollars, as it benefits ...  Read More »

A healthier future until 21

California is now the second state to change its smoking age restriction fro...  Read More »

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The student news site of Woodbridge High School
The student news site of Woodbridge High School