Football team’s hard work shows its effect

Shawn Medow, Contributing Writer

A promising season came to an end for football (7-4) with a 3-22 defeat to Foothill High in the first round of CIF at University High Stadium last Friday.

The Warriors’ preparation primarily focused on Foothill and not on the looming possibility of facing San Clemente High, whose quarterback, Sam Darnold, is set to sign with the University of Southern California.

However, team members had to make sure everything was set up correctly for themselves first.

“We’re not too worried about what they’re doing over there, because we’re focusing on [our own strategies] one week at a time,” junior and running back Alex Young said.

Foothill started scoring with a safety, leaving 8:01 in the first quarter. Senior and kicker Ryan Eisendrath made a 46-yard field goal in the second quarter to give the Warriors the lead.

Neither team could break through and score a touchdown. The Foothill linemen towered over their Woodbridge counterparts.

“They have a big offensive and defensive line,” senior and defensive end Gustavo Colunga said, referring to Foothill’s size advantage.

Foothill led 5-3 at halftime after kicking a 23-yard field goal with 13 seconds to go and made another field goal in the third quarter to increase its lead to 8-3. Foothill began to run the clock down as the fourth quarter started.

The Foothill defensive line played compact and did not give an inch to Woodbridge’s running game. A vital part of the team’s success this season has been its ability to run, as seen in games against Irvine High and Beckman High.

Prior to the game, senior and wide receiver Zach Kennedy said, “We have to step up our passing game this week.”

Unfortunately, Woodbridge could not manage to score a touchdown. The largest passing gain of the game for the Warriors was a 28-yard pass to Kennedy.

Foothill marched down the field with short gains and eventually scored the first touchdown of the night with 1:05 remaining in the game, increasing its lead to 15-3. Woodbridge still had hope, but with 48 seconds left in the game, Foothill intercepted a pass and returned it for a touchdown to add to the lead.

Woodbridge ran out of time and was knocked out of CIF. Foothill celebrated the win with its traveling supporters, but the Warriors can keep their heads held high as they still hold the title of city champions.