Turkey time!

Samiha Ali, Print Editor-in-Chief

Hello, fellow Warriors! In the hullabaloo of college app stressing last month, I neglected the chance to introduce myself in October’s column. So, here I am now letting you guys know that I am Samiha, your humble Editor-in-Chief, ready to serve the Golden Arrow readers. I look forward to making the publication the best it can be and only hope that you all enjoy every issue!

Now that my introduction’s complete, let me tell you all what’s been on my mind lately—pumpkin pie. Disregarding the upcoming college app deadlines, I couldn’t be more excited for the upcoming week. Thanksgiving’s always been my favorite holiday, and it’s not just because of the pie.

I know what you are wondering right now—how is Christmas not my favorite day of the year? Well, growing up in a Muslim household meant I never officially celebrated Christmas, so the holiday hasn’t really ever meant anything special to me. On the other hand, my family and I always go all out to celebrate Thanksgiving. Every year, my seven cousins and I prepare a turkey dinner for the rest of my relatives—complete with goodies like stuffing, gravy and mashed potatoes.

Some of my funniest memories revolve around Thanksgiving with my family, like the time my cousin mistakenly melted plastic Tupperware in our oven or when I got a bloody nose after accidentally colliding with a glass door.

I guess I love Thanksgiving so much because it represents the two things I love most—family and food!


Samiha Ali