Another month, another column

I spent a half-hour prior to writing this column trying to come up with a topic or direction for the column to follow. Unfortunately, I came up blank.

I could talk about how I spent my Valentine’s Day, but that would only consist of me recapping the Netflix marathon I had in my pajamas. I could also talk about how bad my senioritis has become, but we all know how clichéd that topic is. If only it were leap year; I am sure I could have pulled something together for that.

I even resorted to Googling “good ideas for columns,” but that effort got me nowhere. Among the results, I found topics like “how to deal with setbacks” or “how to recover from embarrassment.” I would share with you my tips on the latter topic, but that would force me to share the details of my most humiliating moment. I do not think I am willing to do that considering that at just an overview, it involves my pants falling down in public. I almost went with the topic “how to not procrastinate” before realizing that one of our lovely staff members, Aashi, already wrote a piece on it (which you all should read in Features pg.4).

Well, what do you know? It looks like I somehow managed to almost reach my word limit! I guess the topic of my column has turned out to be “how to write a column without a topic.” I would say that the takeaway from this column is that sometimes the best thing to do when you are stuck without direction is to just start going!


Samiha Ali