‘Will you accept this rose?’

In the past week I have missed about 35 hours of sleep due to homework, studying and my true love, “The Bachelor.”

Ben Higgins is a cutie, but he is not the source of my affinity for “The Bachelor.” Rather, my love stems from the pure ridiculousness.

These seemingly rational women (almost all have respectable jobs) seem to lose all rational thought when vying for Higgins’ attention. If these educated, organized individuals wage war on each other for getting the first impression rose, then clearly my anxieties are not so outrageous by comparison.

Let me be clear; if you sent me to live with the other competitors, I would instantaneously become the most ridiculous one. I appreciate “The Bachelor” for revealing humanity’s need for acceptance and validating my belief that even the best of us are a complete mess.

I suppose I should break up with “The Bachelor,” but I find myself once again setting an alarm to remind me of next Monday’s episode.


Alexa Wallace