The circus is coming to town

As most of you know, 2016 is a presidential election year. In November, millions of Americans will cast their ballots in the most controversial and exciting election of the past several decades.  This is why politics is particularly interesting to me now, especially knowing that the decisions being made this November can affect us for the rest of our lives.

On the left side of the aisle, running for the Democratic nomination, we have two candidates: an elderly, white, far left socialist, and former Vermont governor Bernie Sanders. On the Republican side, there are governors, senators, a doctor, a businessman, a CEO, men and women and people of all races – white, Hispanic and African-American. Talk about diversity.

Not only do many of the presidential hopefuls act as if they are straight out of a reality TV show (and one of course actually is), but also an unusually wide range of topics are currently being discussed. The economy, terror, immigration, foreign policy and gun laws are only a few of the many controversial debate topics discussed every day by the candidates.

The characters seen on the debate stages are enough to attract me to this election cycle, but the thought that my future is in the hands of these candidates makes me even more engaged (and a little frightened). I encourage people to follow these candidates, and to vote if possible. This election and the craziness surrounding it is a circus that may not be repeated again soon.