Trump has the U.S. under his wing

With ample coverage of the election still present in the media, controversial opinions continue to arise. While the media is flooding the news with overloading information — making it difficult to distinguish fact from fiction– one thing remains clear: our new president is making some dramatic changes. Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States, has been in office for less than a month, yet he has already started to enforce numerous executive orders. One of his most recent orders, which places a temporary halt on immigration from several predominantly Muslim states, has stood as a topic of criticism. However, while people do not exactly agree with all of President Trump’s decisions, we must admit that, for the most part, he is fulfilling many of his campaign proposals. Even if everyone does not agree on President Trump’s declarations, it is refreshing to see someone keeping their word in politics.

Additionally, President Trump has begun incorporating social media as an attempt to keep Americans informed more than ever.With 974 million active Twitter accounts in the 21st century according to CBS, there is no doubt that communicating through Twitter and other forms of social media is the most effective way of accessing current events. According to the business website Smart Insights, millennials are the leading users of social media. By getting involved with Twitter, President Trump has expanded his outreach to a larger audience, targeting millennials, as well as those who did not previously have access to the news. Using social media to inform citizens and those around the world is a useful way for President Trump to communicate with the general population.

Despite the opposition that President Trump has received whilst in office, he has been fulfilling most of his pre-election promises as vowed, and his use of Twitter presumably labels him as a communicative and candid leader. Honesty is a key, and rare, component seen in a good politician, and with so many empty threats declared during a normal election season, it is nice to see that our newest President is remaining truthful. Hopefully this will be a harbinger for upcoming elections, and people will be able to trust our politicians’ words, as is happening with President Trump.