John Tezak, staff

“I think the happiest moment of my life is when I had this really intense religious experience and decided to find a relationship with God and to commit my life to following that relationship with God and Jesus. I think ultimately I had a really close friend who every now and then would talk to me about faith. This happened when I was like 19, I wasn’t really into faith very much but I had a close friend who was and who met with me at a down to earth level and helped break things down in a way that I hadn’t really looked at faith before. But it ultimately showed me that there is purpose to life. Because when I was a teenager, especially after high school, life didn’t have much purpose and I was struggling to find purpose. It wasn’t until my friend talking to me about faith and a relationship with God, that showed me that life can have purpose and in terms of happiness I see purpose. Now that I have purpose, I see that every day I can wake up and I have beyond all the difficulties that I go through or the routine or things that just feel frustrating and I don’t like, the biggest change for me is now I can look through that and see it all and recognize that there are higher powers at work in life in general. There’s a greater purpose behind things that we do. And when we go through struggles and things like that it helps me recognize that I’m doing this and begin transforming into a better person day by day,” English teacher John Tezak said.