Taylor Le Scores a National Ranking

Taylor Le represents Woodbridge High by appearing in the national rankings for goals scored

Zipping around the defenders and shooting at the goal, junior Taylor Le excels as a varsity lacrosse attacker for Woodbridge High. Le started her journey with lacrosse when her sister taught her how to play her freshman year. Through continuously committing herself to additional practice routines and a dedicated mindset, Le improves and continues to build upon her advanced athletic skills.

“After practice, my teammates and I would stick around [to] throw the ball around, practice shooting and all the stuff we could do in games [which] really helped,” Le said.

She started on the junior varsity team for only the first few games of her freshman year before being bumped up to varsity.
“I remember freshman year she was so timid on the field and every year she’s improved beyond expectations,” senior Sofi David said.
She emerged as a star in lacrosse as she has been on varsity ever since her first few games.

“Taylor’s probably the anchor on our attack,” David said. “We can always rely on her to score goals.”

With hard work and determination, she saw her efforts pay off by getting on the national rankings for goals scored. As of early May, according to Maxpreps, her 73 goals scored this season ranks in the top 20 in the state.

“When I heard about it I didn’t think it was real,” Le said. “It’s pretty exciting because all of my teammates are excited for me and they really support me.”
Lacrosse is a sport where athletes can assist in many different ways. Le’s contributions are more than just her goals scored, making her a valuable asset to the team.

“[She] impacts the team in a lot of ways,” English teacher and girls’ lacrosse coach Grant Davis said. “She’s also great on rides, she hustles around the field, creates possessions and wins draws. She does a lot of things beyond what shows in the rankings.”
Along with lacrosse games, Le enjoys the family-like aspect of being on the lacrosse team.
“We’re so close [and] there’s no one that we don’t know personally,” Le said.
With one more year after this lacrosse season, Le still has more time to move farther up the rankings.