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Rachel Lee
Hello! I am very excited to be back at the Golden Arrow for another year! As a photographer, it is my goal to help portray life at Woodbridge accurately. I'm looking forward to another great year.

Rachel Lee, Photographer

Apr 09, 2020
Black Student Union (Media)
Apr 09, 2020
Connecting Others Through Joy (Media)
Mar 26, 2020
Full Disclosure – Behind the Addams Family (Media)
Nov 25, 2019
Thomas McCarthy, Junior (Story)
Oct 24, 2019
The Final Push in the Battle with Cancer (Media)
Oct 05, 2019
Young Founders of Woodbridge High (Media)
Sep 20, 2019
Tracy Roberts, Economics Teacher (Story)
May 30, 2019
Taylor Le Scores a National Ranking (Media)
Mar 14, 2019
Multicultural Clubs on Campus (Media)
Feb 07, 2019
Pauline Kim, Sophomore (Story/Media)
Feb 07, 2019
Jonas Ismail, Junior (Story/Media)
Jan 11, 2019
Secrets of Owning Exotic Pets (Media)
Dec 06, 2018
Jeff Alexander, English Teacher (Story/Media)
Nov 05, 2018
New Styles Come From Old Fashions (Media)
Nov 05, 2018
Redbubble: The Trend that Sticks (Media)
Oct 24, 2018
Emily Bell, Senior (Story/Media)
Oct 17, 2018
Naomi Kim, Sophomore (Story/Media)
Oct 17, 2018
Emily Bell, Senior (Story/Media)
Sep 15, 2018
Warriors Share their Starts to a New School Year (Media)
Sep 12, 2018
Samantha Blake, Junior (Story)
Sep 12, 2018
Coca Ho, Freshman (Story)
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Rachel Lee