Redbubble: The Trend that Sticks

Redbubble, an online art market, fuels the sticker craze, personalizing computers and water bottles around campus


Rachel Lee

The laptop is decorated with a variety of designs from Redbubble.

A day with the trendy, fashion forward teenagers at Woodbridge will undoubtedly draw attention to Hydro Flasks and laptops. It seems everyone has one or the other, and more often than not, they’re covered with stickers, embellishing the metal surfaces. But where do these stickers originate? What is the unspoken company behind this cult following? The answer: Redbubble, the online company fueling creating artists and the massive trend simultaneously.

“I’ve heard of Redbubble before,” sophomore Megan Ray said. “I’ve heard friends talking about the stickers or patches they bought there.”

The online site enables artists to sell everything their heart desires, as well as express themselves creatively. Some choose to sell stickers or shirts featuring memes, catering to the predominantly teenage market. Browsing through the endless art, customers stumble upon mandalas, intricate leaves, fantasy forests and  a myriad of other trendy designs. No matter the personal style of the artist, they can find their place on Redbubble, with a community of similar-minded artists and customers.

The stickers come in all shapes, sizes and designs. From the face of Ellen DeGeneres to a cactus, the artists on Redbubble make it all. Most stickers featured on Hydro Flasks or laptops on campus are designs created and sold by artists on Redbubble, purchased from the online store.

“The stickers I buy there are really high quality,” junior Jayde Khan said. “They peel off without leaving a residue and they’re all interesting and different. I can literally search up anything and it will come up.”

The allure of the sticker variety is astonishing for teenagers. Hydro Flasks dominate the water bottles on campus, designed rather plainly with the logo featured on the bottle surface. Often, the rest of the bottle is decorated with stickers, to personalize and compliment the vibrant but simplistic Hydro Flask signature.

“I think those stickers are really individualistic and personal,” sophomore Meha Datar said. “You can tell a person’s likes and preferences from the stickers on their water bottle.”

The trend started off with just a few stickers, typically just of cactuses, Brandy Melville’s logo or a quote. But with the help of Redbubble, it has expanded to everything- celebrity silhouettes, bohemian designs, sunsets and Neko Atsume cats. Now, popular aesthetics, movies and shows are even featured on the websites, from boho pink to “Stranger Things.”

Redbubble has become the launchpad for the Hydro Flask and computer sticker trend. These beautiful stickers seem to be everywhere.