New Styles Come From Old Fashions

Woodbridge students bring fashion trends from the past back into the present

Ayden Olivia
Photo by Rachel Lee


Ayden Olivia, Senior

A thrifter fashionista who takes styles from the 60s through the 90s

“There [are] so many different eras of fashion that have so much to draw from, and I love that it’s being brought back right now. I really love 70s silhouettes that are flowy and floral and peasants tops, and I really love pairing those with hard silhouettes and more masculine lines from the 90s. There is just so much androgyny.”





Ezra Agguire
Photo by Rachel Lee

Ezra Aguirre, Senior

90s Skater boy

“I’ve been skating and surfing my whole life and I just kinda dress the same way. The 80s was all short shorts and stuff like that, and then the 90s came around and grunge and punk had a major influence on the skateboarding scene, which changed the way people had their hair or the colors that they wore.”





Karina Osbourne
Photo by Emilee Klein


Karina Osbourne, Sophomore

A 70s and 80s style guru

“I’m queer, and a lot of queer fashion nowadays is from older times…baggy jeans and cuff the ends or sorta ratty old shoes and high waisted pants and stripes and patterns. I thought, ‘Hey, that’s really cute,’ so I started [wearing] my parents’ [and] my grandparents’ old clothes. You think, ‘Man, I remember when that was cute. We are going to make it cute again!’”