The rock ‘n roll barbershop is rolling into town


Photo by Sam Koh

The unique interior of Floyd’s Barber Shop

Floyd’s 99 Barbershop, “The Original Rock ‘n Roll Barbershop” as the tagline said, recently opened its doors in Irvine at the Crossroads Shopping Center.

Floyd’s first opened in Denver in 2001. The idea of opening the shop came in 1999 by three brothers; Paul, Rob and Bill O’Brien, giving it its nickname, Floyd’s 99, according to the Floyd’s 99 website. Since then, a chain of shops have opened across the country including Los Angeles, Long Beach, Chicago, Boston and Dallas.

So, what makes Floyd’s so unique?

When you step inside of Floyd’s, the first thing that stands out is the wallpaper. It is a giant collage of various rock bands from past and present such as Green Day, Ghost, and more. The music is another notable trait of the shop. A great selection of rock songs play throughout the time you are inside of the shop. In addition to the usual cut and style, Floyd’s also offers a shoulder massage to come after a haircut with a small, handheld machine.

“Floyd’s 99 is kind of a hipster, rock ‘n roll barbershop,” math teacher Geoff Tipper said. “It’s just a more fun place to go. I didn’t feel like I was waiting in a hospital waiting room to get a clinical haircut. I felt like I was waiting amongst an interesting, eclectic group of people and waiting to get a slightly more interesting haircut.”

The prices for Floyd’s are also very reasonable and extremely affordable. A regular haircut costs about $24, enough for the average high schooler to afford with his own pocket money, in comparison to the average $44 dollars, according to U.S.News.

“Now that we’re here in Irvine, I’ve definitely seen some of our former customers of some of our other locations…come down and drop into a Floyd’s because they know their service is gonna be great, and their cuts are gonna be great,” Fred Geiger, the shop manager of the Irvine branch, said. “I’ve had a handful of clients come in and say ‘we’re happy you’re here, now we don’t have to go to LA, but we’re gonna get the same experience as we would in one of your other locations,’ and what they like about that is the consistency.”