NAACP bombing leaves many in shock

A homemade bomb was set off on Jan. 6 outside the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People offices in Colorado Springs, Colorado. FBI reports state that it was an act of domestic terrorism and that police are searching for the person involved.

“I believe that the man is attempting a hate crime,” junior Tony Hsu said.

There were no casualties after the explosion; the only damage involved items that were knocked off of the interior walls. Local head of the NAACP, Henry Allan Jr reported that there was never a threat in the history of Colorado Springs, thus spreading confusion and chaos throughout the community.

“They should try to prevent any conflicts with people so that others won’t bomb them,” sophomore Kelly Chow said.

There have not been any reports of a motive by the man involved, but there is a possibility there was a motive as to why the outside of the NAACP office was bombed. The incident has not received much media attention and was a hot topic on Twitter on the day of the incident.

“I think that the news doesn’t want to scare the public with these bombings,” Chow said.

The man, suspected by the FBI to be the person of interest in the incident, is described to be a white, bald Caucasian male who was last seen driving a white truck. The FBI has released sketches of the man and provided a description, but not much evidence has been done to identify the bomber.

“I think the office should place security in the building to avoid another terrorist attack like this,” Hsu said.