Wellness Wednesday Promotes Mental Health

Teachers and students promoted fitness and wellbeing for Wellness Wednesday


Photo by Bailey Kanthatham

Ben Choi and Caleb Terefe, juniors, participate in activities during the Wellness Wednesday event.

Wellness Counselor Lauren Stallings held the first Wellness Wednesday event of the year on Sept. 13, at the Woodbridge field, in order to promote student health.  

“[Wellness Wednesday] was started to help students get involved in fun activities, build a peer community …education for positive coping strategies…[and] to help market the counseling services on campus,” Stallings said.

According to Stallings, the event has been successful, even though there were not many students there.  On that afternoon, there were approximately 30 students participating in different activities like yoga, Tug-A-War and Bubble Blowing.  

“Although our groups may not be large, it allows students who really need the services,” Stallings said. “[At] our last event, students looked really happy, and if students are smiling, that’s always a success.”

Meanwhile, the students have learned to relax and enjoy themselves.

“If they [the students] feel a little bit overwhelmed and they just want to try to have a little fun for once, during the week, they should go to Wellness Wednesday, and I…recommend it,” junior Caleb Terefe said.

At the same time, other students went to the event to assist people.  They helped students as they played games.

“[I went to the event] to participate and help the kids,” junior Somesh Chandrabhatta said.

Stallings wants students to know that adults are there to help them.

“Right now some student’s lives might feel hopeless but I can tell them [that is] not the case,”Stallings said. “There [are] a lot of positives to look forward to…When they engage in activities they like… they will feel more purpose in life.  Adults are there to listen and help.  We [do not] want anyone to think [that we are] scary people!…We were teenagers once, too!” 

Terefe said that the Wellness Wednesday group taught him to look out for himself.

“They’ve taught me that, no matter how hard it might be in high school, you should always take time to take care of yourself,” Terefe said.