Welcome to Hollywood

Students celebrate the end of another school year with a culminating prom celebration held in Diamond Bar


Photo Courtesy of Emily Chin

Seniors share a final high school dance as they prepare for a night of fun at prom

On Saturday, May 18 students entered Diamond Bar for Woodbridge’s annual prom, planned by Junior Coordinators Hannah Cooper and Josh Lougee and themed around Old Hollywood.

Associated Student Body (ASB) initially selected “Old Hollywood” as the theme, due to the widespread decorations and common knowledge surrounding old Hollywood.

“In the past at Woodbridge…we’ve had a theme for prom.  It just helps a lot to make the decorations look really good and just to kind of give it more hype…because when there’s a theme people get more excited about it,” Cooper said.

One of the key aspects of this year’s prom was its location, Diamond Bar.

“We chose this location because we thought it was a really nice venue, and also it was on top of a hillside. So we thought it was a really cool place to have prom,” Lougee said.

The prom venue was noticeably fancier than a standard dance, with a terrace-like area just outside the building for students who wanted to escape the noise, as well as a carpeted floor and tables with baked goods.

Education Specialist and chaperone Alex Doty enjoyed the dance, particularly its atmosphere.

“It [was] fun to see everyone all dressed up, and…having a lot of fun,” Doty said.

As for the prom itself, most students clumped together on the dance floor as they danced to various music videos, from “We Will Rock You” to “Old Town Road.”  At the end of the night, ASB announced the prom king and queen , seniors Ben Choi and Bianca Alvarez.

Sophomore Riley Salter enjoyed the dance, as it offered her the opportunity to hang out with her friends both before and during the dance.

“It was super fun. Going to Ruby’s and taking pictures was awesome and getting to eat at Ruby’s was super delicious with my friends.  Then, going to Prom, dancing was super fun,” Salter said.

As the Prom Court was crowned, the Class of 2019 capped off four years of high school, celebrating all their accomplishments with a formal dance in a different location.