On the runway this prom


Photo courtesy of Paige Coyle

A group of junior girls show off their individual styles for a photo before prom.

Admit it—we all spend a fair amount of time on Instagram or Facebook stalking people’s pictures the day after prom. One of the most exciting aspects of prom season is evaluating the new styles that students wear to the event. This year’s prom season featured a variety of dress styles, ranging from exquisite short dresses to long, elegant ones. Here is a recap of the most notable styles of the season:

Flower Power

Correlating with the spring season, floral dresses were very popular this year. With a bold and beautiful print and pastel blend of colors, this particular design truly stands out from the crowd.

Short & Sweet

In contrast to the traditional long dress for which prom is famous, many students stuck with short, fun dresses this prom season. Short dresses not only prevent people from tripping over their dress, but also allow people to show off their stylish shoes.

Pop of Color

Many students kept it simple yet fun with bright and lively solid-colored dresses; glowing shades of pink, blue and green were incredibly popular this year. Bright-colored dresses flatter all skin tones and are the perfect choice for those who favor a simpler style.

Jazzed with Jewels

Nothing screams “prom” quite like a sparkly, bedazzled dress. Many students kept it classy by wearing dresses with jewels on the bust, running down the side or decorating the entire fabric. Bejeweled dresses seem to never be out of season.

Sultry Slits

Long dresses that feature slits on the side have also become fairly popular. Dresses like these are a mix of short and long dresses. While essentially floor-length dresses, the slits down the leg allow for easier walking and shoe flashing.