Woodbridge Freshmen Celebrate What the Future Holds

A new school year means new freshmen who begin experiencing life in high school, which is often different from their expectations

It’s a new school year and with that come new freshmen to Woodbridge High, who are eager to express their views about this new experience. Some freshmen feel positive about their transition to high school, while others are reluctant. 

High school is a phase of life that many students look forward to, a phase full of new experiences and opportunities where students get to grow as individuals.

“I think high school is something that I’ve been looking forward to for a really long time. I think it’s something a lot of people look forward to. I’m Freshman Class president, and it’s really fun,”ASB Freshman Class President Maria Poveromo said. “I’d say my classes are a lot different than they were in elementary school, middle school, but I really love them,” 

Not only do students get to experience new things, but many find that it is different than they expected.

“My freshmen year is going really well so far. It’s a lot of fun… I enjoy the teachers and the students, everyone is really nice,” freshman MacKenzie Ott said.

Now that the freshmen find themselves in this new environment, they reflect on their past views of how they thought high school was like.

“I think as a middle schooler, I was excited to get out of middle school and go to high school. I think as a highschooler, my perspective changed just a tiny bit… It’s not as incredible as I thought when I was like a 6th grader,” Poveromo said.

While Poveromo had a positive view of the future, others like Ott had a pessimistic view of high school.

 “I thought high school was a lot more scary and difficult. I was afraid of going to high school for a while,” Ott said.

Besides academics, there are many activities and events that the freshmen will be able to experience as well, such as clubs and all the dances that make freshmen year memorable.

“I’m definitely looking forward to my clubs. I think that’s what I’m trying to work on right now… I’m really looking forward to not being a freshman, being the one everyone teases. I want to be a sophomore so people respect me a little bit more,”  Poveromo said.

There are many ways to join a club, such as going with friends or learning about them through social media. The most efficient way to learn about all the different clubs at Woodbridge High is by taking a look at the approved club list, which can be accessed through the Woodbridge High website. 

Sports are another type of event that are key in high school and create memories which can connect to Woodbridge High.

 “I’ve enjoyed the football games the most and being able to go off campus for lunch. I’ve also enjoyed being able to play my sport with other people who also want to play it,” freshman Mady Nolan said. “I’m looking forward to lacrosse season and playing games, but also the end of the year cause I’ll be one year closer to graduating.”

As the year continues, this year’s freshmen hope to participate in activities that will make their first year in high school memorable. Students can get more involved at high school by taking parts of different electives, joining a sport or by joining a club.