Michelle Bau, Opinion Editor

Fifteen months, 456 days, 10,944 hours until BBC releases its fourth season of Sherlock. By then, I’ll be a freshman in college, probably at the end of the first semester, battling my way through rounds and rounds of finals when season four of Sherlock airs. What am I expected to do? Continue with my grueling studies, wrap myself in blankets until I resemble a burrito, and bemoan of my tanking grades? I think not! No, instead, I’ll use that time wisely and watch the new Sherlock episodes (and possibly re-watch the older ones).

Like many other Sherlockians, I look forward to seeing Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman back on screen, embracing their roles as Sherlock and Dr. Watson, respectively. Also like many other Sherlock fans, I complain about the two-year-long gap between each season. The wait is, essentially, absolutely horrible. The suspense of the season finales drives most fans (like me) crazy, to say the least. We scour the Internet for leaks of the next episode, hints about Sherlock’s next archenemy and spoilers about the new cases. In the end of all this searching, most of us turn up empty-handed with no clue as to what the creator have in store. For the remainder of the two-year- long hiatus, we entertain ourselves by reading Sherlock fan fiction, following Sherlock-based blogs and Tumblrs, or replaying old episodes of Sherlock.

As of now, I am scrolling through Sherlock fandoms and watching “A Study in Pink,” in anticipation of Sherlock’s premiere in 2016.


Michelle Bau