Stupid change

I recently discovered that I am an addict of change. And not the good kind of change. Not the life changing, moving forward, make something of your life. No, no, no, that would be far too easy, make me far too inclined to be a more successful human. I hate that kind of change, resist is at all costs really, but that’s another story for another day in another column, maybe in another lifetime.

No, I’m addicted to stupid change. Like getting a new bedspread, painting my wall a new color, getting a new planner kind of change.

And that sounds just fine, right? Just wanting to change things up, experience something new, right? Wrong! Because you know what a synonym for stupid change is: materialistic change, never-satisfied change, maybe even want-what-you-do-not-have change.

And that right there is why it’s a problem. I, and maybe most of the people around me, can never be all that happy with what I have. There is always something more to be reached, something better to be experienced. That momentary feeling of initial contentment has long since become a relic of the past following the realization that as good as what you have is, there’s always something better.

But as for every one thing that is better, there is probably ten that are worse. So next time you look at your sky blue walls that feel slightly too childish for you now at your seasoned age of 16, just be thankful that they are not the startling lime green walls you had when you were ten. (Tragically, that entire last part was based on completely accurate events, and, yes, I picked the color.)