13 Tapes

Many of you may know the new Netflix series “13 Reasons Why” that has caught everyone’s attention, from teens to parents. Over the break, I was hooked on the captivating storyline and characters and finished the series within a matter of days. It was refreshing to see a show that was not afraid to address issues like suicide and expose a school’s role in it. Putting the meaningful lesson aside, “13 Reasons Why” pulled me in with the suspense, plot twists and most of all, the charming characters. Sometimes the characters made me want to scream my lungs out in frustration while other times, I couldn’t help but fall into the trap that is Zach Dempsey. For those of you who haven’t finished the series or just started, try not to get attached to a character. You may become severely disappointed by the time the 13th tape comes around.