It’s Valentine’s Day!

The day after Valentine’s Day is probably more of a holiday for me than the day itself. Discounted candy and flowers go great with a weekend binge of movies like “The Princess Bride.” I take Valentine’s Day as an excuse to treat myself and buy the shoes I have been eyeing on or buy that box of See’s Candies. Most would say that buying things for oneself on Valentine’s Day is unnecessary and only recognizes the status of being single even more, but when you’re getting new shoes and eating that box of chocolates that you’ve been craving for months, does it really matter? Valentine’s Day isn’t a day only for couples; it’s a day to express one’s adoration, whether it be to a family member, that special someone or even to yourself. So buy that overpriced sweater or those shoes you know you’ll only wear once. It’s Valentine’s Day!

Love, Ashley Park