Special ponies

Have you ever wondered how potentially wonderful life might be if you were a unicorn? A real-live, magical, supernatural unicorn. Over the course of human existence, this has been a common question quite infrequently provided with an answer. No one quite knows what it is exactly like to be a unicorn. And that well may be the reason it holds so much excitement and interest for so many people. But the fact of the matter is, when you really get down to it, is a unicorn really anything more than a unicorn? Or even worse, is it even any better than a pony with a horn attached to it?

Often in life, the concepts we find far less attainable tend to be those we value more. We appreciate the things we cannot have, the things we can only dream of attaining, our unicorns perhaps, over those things we already have within our grasp. And that may be a problem. We can never quite hold the things we have at face value. They are always clouded by dreams of what they might be. So stop wishing for unicorns and recognize them for what they are: ponies with horns. Then, perhaps, the world might be a far more mystical place in all its whimsical realities.