Stress and thanks

Because school is such a struggle, and we’re all so very tired and stressed, I’ve decided to start keeping tally of how much time I’ve spent/survived through the school year so far, in order to pull a sense of accomplishment not from my grades (which are not to be considered commendable accomplishments by any means), but rather from simply making it through my days without dropping out of school and going to live in the wilderness, i.e. Chris McCandless style. Tangents, am I right? So anyway, congratulations, we made it through another month, go us.

When reflecting on what has helped me survive almost two months of school (and in the spirit of turkey month), I feel it necessary to pay special thanks to those I would not have survived without. So thanks, to my ever-supportive parents, my always wonderful friends, and, most importantly, any person who may have been subjected to my lack-of-sleep-induced snappiness and poor composure in the face of daily annoyances.

With all that said, I’ve given my thank yous; now you give yours. Take a minute; say a thank you. I know with crazy hectic schedules and unimaginable mountains of homework taking a minute, or even a second, might seem just about impossible. Take my advice; do it anyway. Taking the time to make the people who help you through life feel slightly more appreciated and loved is worth making the impossible, possible. But anyway, tangents, am I right? Until next time, Warriors!