There is a song for that

Can we all just take a moment and acknowledge how beautifully, wonderfully amazing music is? Music kind of happens to be the anthem for my life. Take any life moment, emotional situation, whatever it may be, and I guarantee there’s a song for that. In every season of my life, music has been there to carry me through it.

In fact, it has been so present at different points in my life, that I can listen to any particular song that meant something at that time, and a wave of nostalgia will come flooding over me, filling me ever so deeply and ever so fervently with the full and complete depth of emotion and feeling and life I felt in that very moment however long ago it was. It really is something special.

With music by my side, I have been capable of experiencing every facet of life so much more completely and overwhelmingly and deeply. Every pumping of every vein, every movement of every muscle, in that moment, with that song, in that life, vibrates in unison to the movement of a thousand golden sounds being woven into one. And in that moment, all I can ask myself is how can life ever be so beautiful without such a sound?

So take a moment, take a listen, and watch your horizons open and your universe expand as the music sways– and changes– you and the world.