Shooting Against the Tide

The boys varsity water polo team takes a loss after a competitive game against CDM


Connor Schwengal

sophomore Alec Isaacman launches the ball towards the goal.

The boys varsity water polo team was defeated by the Corona Del Mar (CDM) Sea Kings on Thursday, Oct. 5 by a close score of 11-12 in the last 27 seconds.

“I think the highlight of the game was that it was very competitive the whole time, and we stayed close and we had an opportunity to tie at the end. I think it was a really good game for both teams,” coach Matt Campbell said.

Throughout the entire game, Woodbridge was tied with CDM and displayed unfaltering confidence. The team utilized defensive tactics and used a “no look” strategy when they had possession of the ball near the goal.

“A no-look shot is where you fake the ball and you act like you’re going to pass it and then you shoot it, but you’re not looking at the cage,” junior and varsity player Grant Smith said.

The enthusiastic audience cheered for their teams as each passing moment made the outcome of the game less apparent. The turning point occurred in the fourth quarter when both teams were tied. Spectators were left glued to the edge of their seats during the climax of the intense game.
It was a close game until the Sea Kings gained possession in the last 27 seconds and were able to score resulting in their victory and a loss for the team.

“I think in the next game we are definitely going to work on finishing our goals and finishing our shots and moving more and pushing our counters,” senior and varsity member Brendon Lee said.

The Warriors are close to the end of their season and are working hard to get to the top. The team holds the title of second in league with an overall record of 17-4, ranking sixth overall in CIF.