October Street Talk: What is your phobia?

We asked students in our campus about what they are most scared of. See if they have the same phobia as you!


Connor Tran, Freshman                                                                                          

Trypophobia. I’m scared of falling into a hole that is never ending. It’s been two years when I figured what triggered my phobia. When I went cliff jumping it felt like falling into a hole. Bunch of my friends have it, but I don’t really cope with my phobia. I just ignore it.









Hannah Cooper, Sophomore 

Slugs, because it is a big slimy glob. They are disgusting, and I get anxieties. I try to avoid them, especially when it is raining.










Joseph Faza, Junior 

Ever since I was a little kid, I have a phobia of spiders. I don’t like the feeling of spider webs, and I get itchy. To cope with it, I usually just relax and do anything else to get my mind off of it.










Jonathan Kim, Senior 

I’m terrified of ants. I get scared, really nervous and I start shaking. The worse case is if I am surprised by them, panic and start swatting them off me. When I was little, I was playing in the front yard and I stepped into an ant hill. When I looked down, I saw all these ants climbing onto my leg. I started screaming. Now a days I just breathe and stay calm. I can deal with one and I will be okay, but if there’s a lot, that is when I get scared.