New Teacher in the Physical Education Department

Steve Scoggin (Physical Education Teacher) 


Q: What was your previous position at Woodbridge?

A: I’ve been working as the security guard for nine years, and it’s my first year for physical education.


Q: How was the job process?

A: It was an easy transition, since I already knew the kids. I think the biggest difference is the kids knowing me as a teacher, not the security guard, calling me by Mr. Scoggin, rather than Steve. I get to see the kids in a different light, rather than just being in trouble. I get to see them in a different [situation].


Q: What was your very first impression of Woodbridge?

A: I think, overall, it has always been a family atmosphere. Now that I’m becoming a teacher, you see that even more, as in that other staff members are more willing to help, when I ask questions. They’d answer questions and just be more willing to help.


Q: What made you want to be a teacher?

A: I’ve always coached my whole life, just dealing with kids and just having a little part of their growth. Affecting students in a positive way to be ready for adulthood.


Q: What are you expecting from your students?

A: I expect them to respect everyone in the class, and I just want them to try their hardest and not just give up because something is tough. Always push themselves to the best that they possibly can. I don’t expect everyone to be all-stars, but just push yourselves to your limits.


Q: What is your passion?

A: I’m an assistant basketball coach here as well [as] the assistant varsity coach. I would say basketball  is my passion.


Fun Fact: Scoggin was part of USA Basketball Men’s Junior National Team, which deepened his love for basketball. His biggest pet peeve is being late, and he loves being active. During his free time, he plays golf. Scoggin owns a 14-year-old Blue Nose Pitbull named Denim, because his dog looks like denim jeans.