Macy Bernstein, Senior

“I’m passionate about filmmaking and producing films. As a little kid I wanted to be a wedding planner for like three years and then I was like, well that’s not realistic, so then I got into film and I still continue to plan stuff. Producing is like a mix of my passion for film and my passion for planning events. This past four months of school have been such a game changer. I’ve learned leadership skills like patience and learning to take a chill pill and just breath and then come back with a clear head to lead the class. I always like making films with a purpose and it upsets me when the purpose doesn’t get across. There has to be a lesson within everything that I make, so like for instance in my short film, Shadows, the message was don’t lose sight of what you really want in life. All films just need to have something they can’t be meaningless,” senior Macy Bernstein said.